February 11, 2012

White Face Woman: 3 of 8

Though the Sioux were in the midst of uncertainty, want, and suffering, life went on. There was love, song, laughter, and play. There was feasting, marrying, and dancing.
     The country was teeming with big game and fowl. Wild vegetable and berries still grew. Yet the passing of the buffalo, the staple of the Indian world, was the death blow that killed the Indian would and left the Indian lost.
     There were many social affairs in the Sioux nation—various kinds of dances and games. Every day some kind of social function took place. There was no time to cry.
      One of the best shows to strengthen the spirit of every Indian is the warrior’s parade. It puts hope, determination, and perseverance into the Indian.
     All the warriors, arrayed in their costumes, bearing their banners, their ponies painted, parade the circle of the camp singing their war songs and firing guns. One Red Coat said, “When Sitting Bull puts on the Warrior’s Parade and the firing of Custer’s rifles, we feel very small. Yet we stick out our chest and put on a bold face, while our knees shake and strike each other.”

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