February 11, 2012

White Face Woman: 6 of 8

There was quite a stir and excitement when news of White Face Woman’s disappearance reached the people. Some women cried and others rejoiced. Major Jarvis went from camp to camp—from lodge to lodge—looking for his wife. He lost his proud military bearing—he had a forlorn look not good to see. Even some who hated him for his conduct felt very sorry for him. For three days he searched. When he learned that the young brave who had caused his jealousy had also disappeared, he gave up and was seldom seen. Within a year he resigned. Some said he went back to England to try to forget the woman he loved, hurt, and lost because of his weakness.

NOTE by Brenda: Wm. Jarvis did not return to England but continued to serve the Force, and was stationed in the Yukon during the 1897 Gold Rush.

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